Admissions On For Imbibing the Future of Learning at the Top Pre Nursery School in Gurgaon

For today’s children, education has to start from a clean board. The legacy education of learning by rote to gain mental proficiency through a set syllabus is rendered obsolete, as the frenetic pace of changes and transformation rush in. Google and related apps with every information in everyone’s palms has basically made learning up information redundant. As these lose value the value of discernment that enables call to action and empowerment along with skill enhancement. While analysis and data gathering is important, what is critical the empirical learning supported by perfect skill sets. As the familiar axiomatic career path including office, management, workers, factories and even work undergoes cataclysmic changes, your loved ones need holistic education ever more today. As they will feel drift upon finishing education, they need to build anchors with development of emotional, ecological apart from intellectual development. And as a parent, you need to ensure, that they enter the portals of a school that extends holistic education for your beloved little one. 

 Suncity School, Sector-37D, Admission in pre nursery school near sector 12, 21, 23, Dwarka Expressway is open for 2019 -20. The best primary school in Gurgaon, spans across more than five acres, and is usefully located to enable easy access from Dwarka and Gurugram. The best CBSE school in New Gurgaon concretize the futureof educationwith a curriculum that: 

  • Includes those in depth updated subjects to promote mental & holistic development.
  • Encourages building   creativity capacities by nurturing them to solve problems creatively.
  • Motivate children to nourish their empathetic qualities of heart as well as conscience through pursuingjustice (both economic and gender based) along with deep and wide knowledge through the entire life span.

While the   state of the art infrastructure acts opens up diverse choices, Suncity School, Sector-37D where admission in Grade 1 to 8 in new Gurgaon is open is actively co - educational school- and promotes   gender parity, as well as mutual respect for everyone   through the strict non - discrimination policy in case of sex, religion, creed or class. The ‘Collaboration’ approach at the top CBSE school close to sector 4, 9a, 10a, 91, 86, 81, 82, 84, 70, 23, Gurgaon where admission open for 2019 -20 predominates with all the stakeholders- Students, Teachers and Parents treated at par. Empowering the students is the focus through every activityhelping them assume active roles in their own progress and build. Moreover, all activities are accomplished within the matrix of encompassing ‘Sanskars’ - the intrinsic cultural.  

While being a K-12 school, Suncity School best play school on Dwarka Expressway and the top nursery school on Dwarka Expressway is essentially a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) day school, with ideal teacher student ratio curriculum. It makes for adiverse range of Co- Scholastic activities during and after school hours. The holistic development at best CBSE board school in Gurgaon and the best pre nursery school in Gurgaon is also ensured at Suncity School through activities that meld elements of Indian heritage, knowledge and wisdom with cutting edge digital learning. 

  1. Mental Development through Academics

Suncity School - the top nursery school on Dwarka Expressway where admission in pre nursery school in Gurgaon is on, stimulates ‘curiosity’, founded on bedrock of interest to stimulate the self-induced lifelong learning. The teacher’s critical role here-to is arouse interest and powers of reflection.

At Suncity School37D, the finest CBSE school near sector 4, 9a, 10a, 91, 86, 81, 82, 84, 70, 23, Gurgaon that is perfect for your little one seeking admission in Grade 1 to 8 in new Gurgaon.

Learning is ‘ASK’


Learning is embodied and concerned with human experiences.

S- Skill

Learning is interactive and social.


Learning is an integrated cognitive process.

Thus, ASK seamlessly melds ‘observing, analysing, synthesizing, evaluating and involves learning through interdisciplinary learning. 

Anytime, Anywhere Learning 

Each class and lab is equipped with:

  • Wi-Fi computer connectivity
  • Class Room Hi-end Communication Server
  • Television & Digitally Controlled Audio System
  • Interactive labs for students equipped with smart boards and digital projectors.

With Flipped classroom environment, the best progressive school in Gurgaon with the best play school on Dwarka Expressway firstexposes the students to new materials outside the traditional learning. Thus e - Reading material or lecture videos are used to reverse the roles, pace and rhythm of learning. Class time is utilized for problem solving, discussion or debates.  

Sensory Development


While academic development is essential but it is not the sole activity here. Suncity School ensures development of “Non - academic” skills and competencies through The Friday Club. It throws challenges to develop innovative thinking, creativity, adaptability, respect, global awareness, mutual co-existence and develops capabilities through participation in Dance, Drama, Environment, Sculpture, Life Skills, SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work and Action.  

Divergent Thinking for Breakthroughs

As solutions cannot be arrived at by looking at one angle, Suncity encourages methodologies to generate creative ideas by exploring many angles to arrive at solutions. Hence a skill like Divergence is imbibed to reduce the threat of future!

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